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Images Dated 10th April 2015

Grotto in an iceberg. Terra Nova in the distance. Taylor and Wright (Interior). January 5th 1911
Frank Wild examining the wreckage of the Endurance
Endurance caught in a pressure crack, October, 1915
Endurance in a pressure, a week before she was finally crushed
The Cavern in the iceberg without figures. Terra Nova in distance. January 8th 1911
The Castle Berg, with dog sledge. September 17th 1911
In the pack ice, from the Main-top of the Terra Nova. (T. Gran and Lees). December 12th 1910
Endurance crushed by the ice and sinking
Chris and the Gramophone
Tom Crean, November 1911
The Terra Nova held up in the ice. December 11th 1910
Group of all the Shore Party (except Clissold, ill and Herbert Ponting photographing the Party). October 1911
Dr Atkinsons dog team landing stores from the Terra Nova. December 2nd 1911
Captain Lawrence Oates
Captain Robert Falcon Scott. April 13th 1911
The Terra Nova and a berg at ice-foot. January 16th 1911
Terra Nova at ice-foot. Barne Cape and glacier in background. January 15th 1911
Smoke cloud from Mount Erebus. January 15th 1911
The Terra Nova held up in the pack ice. December 13th 1910
Endurance battling with high blocks of pressure ice
Apsley Cherry-Garrard on his return from the Barrier. January 29th 1912
Cecil Meares on his return from the Barrier. January 5th 1911
Bernard Day on return from Barrier. December 21 1911
Group of Adelie penguins on an ice floe, with Mount Erebus in background. January 5th 1911
Launching the boat for the relief journey
Working the pram (rowing boat) through pack ice to hunt penguins. December 1910
Charles Wright. January 29th 1912
Southern party at Amundsens tent
The Terra Nova in heavy weather
A warm day in the pack. Expedition members lie in the sun on the deck of the ship Terra Nova. December 28th 1910
Lt Henry Bowers and pony Victor. October 1911
Iceberg in pack ice. Frank Debenham and T. Griffith Taylor on the ice. December 20th 1910
In the Pack. Sky reflections. December 28th 1910
Capt Scott writing his journal in the Winterquarters Hut. October 7th 1911
Under the Ice of the Castle Berg. September 17th 1911
Cecil Meares and Capt Oates at the blubber stove, cooking food for the dogs. May 26th 1911
Edgar Evans and Tom Crean. April 13th 1911
The return of the Western Geological Party. PO Robert Forde, Frank Debenham, T. Griffith Taylor and Tryggve Gran
A pair of Adelie penguins. January 1911
Dr Simpson inflating one of his balloons. April 7th 1911
Dr Simpson taking observations on Vane Hill. March 1911
Group of Crew of Terra Nova
Dimitri Geroff on return from Barrier. January 5th 1912
End of the Barne Glacier. (Anton Omelchenko and sledge). December 2nd 1911
Bernard Day and Frederick Hooper, on their return from the Barrier. December 21st 1911
Edgar Evans and pony Snatcher. October 1911
The Tenements - bunks in Winterquarters Hut, of Lt henry Bowers, Apsley Cherry-Garrard, Captain Oates, Cecil Meares
Huge Ice bastion of the Castle Berg. September 17th 1911

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