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Tom Crean and the pups
Endurance at midwinter, 1915
Portrait of Tom Crean
The James Caird setting out for South Georgia
Grotto in an iceberg. Terra Nova in the distance. Taylor and Wright (Interior). January 5th 1911
Portrait of Ernest Shackleton
Return of the sun after the long winter darkness
Perce Blackbarow and Mrs Chippy
The Skipper. Frank Worsley
Map of Scotts and Amundsens route to the South Pole
Frank Wild examining the wreckage of the Endurance
Endurance caught in a pressure crack, October, 1915
Round the Night Watchmans fire
Endurance waiting for the pack ice to open up
Soccer on the floe whilst waiting for the ice to break up. December 20th. Lat 62.42 17.58 W
Portrait of Frank Wild
Endurance in a pressure, a week before she was finally crushed
Portrait of Harry D.S. Goodsir
The Cavern in the iceberg without figures. Terra Nova in distance. January 8th 1911
The Polar Party at the South Pole. Standing: Oates, Scott, Evans. Seated: Bowers and Wilson
The Endurance among great blocks of pressure ice
The Castle Berg, with dog sledge. September 17th 1911
In the pack ice, from the Main-top of the Terra Nova. (T. Gran and Lees). December 12th 1910
Ernest Shackleton and Frank Hurley at Patience Camp
Endurance crushed by the ice and sinking
Paraselena. McMurdo Sound, 10.30am, 20 June 1911
Patrick Keohane
Chris and the Gramophone
Men and dogs on the ice, Endurance in the background
Learning to roll - two kayaks
The Polar Party at the South Pole
The sledge dog Chris and the Gramophone
Tom Crean, November 1911
The Terra Nova held up in the ice. December 11th 1910
Group of all the Shore Party (except Clissold, ill and Herbert Ponting photographing the Party). October 1911
Penola in Port Lockroy. Luigi di Savola Peak in background
Portrait of Henry Thomas Dundas le Vescomte
HMS Terror. Arctic Expedition 1836-37
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The Balloon
The Balloon
Discovery in winter quarters, McMurdo Sound looking north
Curtain aurora
Paraselena 15 January 1911. 9.30pm Cape Evans McMurdo Sound
Mount Erebus, 2 April 1911. 6pm
Heavy weather
Heavy weather
Portrait of Lt Graham Gore
Portrait of James Fitzjames

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