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Editor's Picks

Mount Erebus, 2 April 1911. 6pm
Group photograph of shore party
Thomas Clissold the cook in the kitchen
Supper on the march
Paraselena 15 January 1911. 9.30pm Cape Evans McMurdo Sound
Capt Colbeck and Dr Davidson visiting the Terra Nova
Three men in a pyramid tent
The cinematographer (Hurley) at work
The Skipper. Frank Worsley
Endurance caught in a pressure crack, October, 1915
Scotia in the ice
Portrait of James Fitzjames
Under the Ice of the Castle Berg. September 17th 1911
Men and dogs on the ice, Endurance in the background
A pair of Adelie penguins. January 1911
Endurance battling with high blocks of pressure ice
Huge Ice bastion of the Castle Berg. September 17th 1911
Petty Officers Evans and Crean mending sleeping bags
Capt. Oates and some of the ponies. On the deck of the Terra Nova
Inuit sledges and dogs
Capt Scott writing his journal in the Winterquarters Hut. October 7th 1911
Sledges ready to start
Endurance in a pressure, a week before she was finally crushed
Edgar Evans and Tom Crean. April 13th 1911
Nimrod held up in the ice
Discovery from Starboard quarter
Portrait of Edward Bingham
The sinking of the Eira, August 21 1881
Portrait of Harry D.S. Goodsir
Dr Atkinson's dog team landing stores from the Terra Nova. December 2nd 1911
Endurance fast in the sea of ice
Endurance in the pack ice much resembling a billowy sea
Endurance waiting for the pack ice to open up
Dr Wilson, Lt Bowers and Apsley Cherry-Garrard on return from winter trip to Cape Crozier. August 1st 1911
Penola in Port Lockroy. Luigi di Savola Peak in background
The Brig Jane and Cutter Beaufoy, on 20th February 1823, bearing up in Latitude 74.15
Ocean Camp. Ernest Shackleton and Frank Wild on the left
Map of Scott's and Amundsen's route to the South Pole
Midwinter Day Dinner at Winterquarters Hut. June 22nd 1911
Midwinter Day Tree. June 22nd 1911
Staff of the Challenger office, ca. 1886
Captain Lawrence Oates
Vagur, on the island of Sudero, Faroe Islands
Smoke cloud from Mount Erebus. January 15th 1911
Captain Robert Falcon Scott. April 13th 1911
Portrait of Sir John Franklin
S.S. Coronda at Leith, South Georgia

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