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British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 (Terra Nova) Gallery

Led by Captain Scott the aim of the expedition was to reach the South Pole and carry out scientific research. Selection of photographs taken by Herbert G. Ponting during his stay at the base hut at Cape Evans, and by other members of the expedition.

British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 (Terra Nova)
George Murray Levick
British Antarctic
British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 (Terra Nova)
British Antarctic

Herbert Ponting with his cinematograph. January 30th 1912
Thomas Clissold the cook making pies. January 1912
Cecil Meares at the pianola in the Winterquarters Hut. January 1912
Herbert Ponting with his telephoto apparatus. January 30th 1912
At Winterquarters Hut, packing sugar for sledging rations. January 1912
Haircutting, Anton Omelchenko and patrick Keohane. January 29th 1912
Edgar Evans, leaning on an ice-axe
Dr Wilson at the sunshine recorder. August 26th 1911
Mount Erebus from the ship at the icefoot. January 1911
Lt Henry Rennick leading one of the ponies out of the box onto the sea ice. January 1911
Group of Officers of the Terra Nova
Dennis Lillie with a glass sponge on deck of the ship Terra Nova
Dr Simpson at work in the Magnetic Hut at Winterquarters. January 5th 1911
Ponting cinematographing the prow of the Terra Nova going through the pack ice. December 1910
Dr Simpson in his laboratory, at the Winterquarters Hut. December 21st 1911
Nelson in his igloo with the Nansen-Petersson insulating water-bottle. December 24th 1911
Cecil Meares and Dimitri Geroff at the blubber stove in the Discovery Hut at Hut Point. November 3rd 1911
Lt Tryggve Gran skiing on broken ice. October 1911
Lt Tryggve Gran turning on ski. October 1911
Lt Edward Evans and one of the sledging theodolites, (Barne Glacier in the background). October 1911
The motor party Lt Edward Evans, Bernard Day, William Lashly, Frederick Hooper. October 1911
Capt Oates and pony Snippets. October 1911
The Matterhorn Berg (profile). October 8th 1911
The ice crack. October 8th 1911
Point of the Barne Glacier, where it turns round to the Bay before Cape Barne. September 18th 1911
Dr Atkinson in the laboratory. September 15th 1911
Capt Scott, Lt Henry Bowers, Dr Simpson and Petty Officer Edgar Evans, leaving for the Western Mountains Journey
Frank Debenham and plane table. September 9th 1911
Flashlight photograph of The Castle Berg. June 4th 1911
Dr Edward Wilson working on a sketch
Griffith Taylor, Frank Debenham and Tryggve Gran in their Cubicle. May 18th 1911
Capt Scott and group taken on return of the Southern Party. April 13th 1911
Lt Henry Bowers. April 13th 1911
Thomas Clissold the cook in the kitchen
Telephoto of Mount Lister. February 10th 1911
Packing a sledge at top of moraine for trip to Shackletons hut. February 11th 1911
Dennis Lillie and George Murray Levick examing trawl catch. January 24th 1911
Getting the ill-fated motor-sledge off the ship. January 8th 1911
Adelie penguins and an iceberg. January 7th 1911
Dennis Lillie at the water bottle winch. January 1st 1911
Dennis Lillie getting a tow net out. January 1st 1911
Cecil Meares and dogs on deck of Terra Nova. January 3rd 1911
Edward Nelson and Dennis Lillie taking sample from bottle. January 1st 1911
Dr. Wilson and Lt. Pennell salting seal skins. December 27th 1910
Some of the Terra Nova crew on the fo castle. December 28th 1910
In the pack ice, from the Main-top of the Terra Nova. (Gran, Taylor and Wright). December 22nd 1910
Anchored to the ice. December 11th 1910
Evening sky effect in the pack ice. December 9th 1910

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