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Antarctic Relief Expeditions 1902-04

The Antarctic Relief Expeditions consisted of two voyages undertaken to aid the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-04. These photographs chronicle the second relief expedition, 1903-04.
89 Items
'Morning' 11477195 'Morning'
Two mines 11477191 Two mines
Firing a mine 11477185 Firing a mine
Two sledges 11477165 Two sledges
Sledging 11477161 Sledging
Dog team 11477155 Dog team
Emperor penguin 11477145 Emperor penguin
Weddell seal 11477139 Weddell seal
Wet weather 11477125 Wet weather
Ramming ice 11477007 Ramming ice
Cape Adare 11476993 Cape Adare
Scott Island 11476987 Scott Island
Tabular iceberg 11476985 Tabular iceberg
Water warm berg 11476975 Water warm berg
Tabular bergs 11476973 Tabular bergs
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