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Marshall and Adams SS Runic, December 1907
Wild, Knowton, Adams, Marshall, Sears, Marston, Roberts, Priestley, Joyce, SS Runic
Christmas Day 1908. 10, 000 feet high on plateau. Left to right Adams, Marshall, Wild
Wild, Shackleton, Marshall, Adams. Return of Southern Party after 126 days journey
Furthest South
Most southerly camp after blizzard. Left to right: Adams, Wild, Shackleton
Adams standing by the sledge which was used on the furthest south journey
Final start of the Southern Party
Jameson Adams
Jameson Adams
Evans, Shackleton and Adams
Southern Party at the Bluff Depot
The Captain, Shackleton and Wilson
Southern sledge journey
Officers and Sir Leopald McClintock
Group of Officers on the Bridge
The sinking of the Eira, August 21 1881
Group of officers on floe alongside ship in pack ice
The Brig Jane and Cutter Beaufoy, on 20th February 1823, bearing up in Latitude 74.15
Staff of the Challenger office, ca. 1886
Midwinter Day Tree. June 22nd 1911
Midwinter Day Dinner at Winterquarters Hut. June 22nd 1911
Vagur, on the island of Sudero, Faroe Islands
Lopra, on the island of Sudero, Faroe Islands
The town of Vagur on Sudero, in the Faroe Islands
Scheldrup lying on ground
Quest at Vaag, Faroes. Whales on plan
HMS Terror. Arctic Expedition 1836-37
Dr Levick skinning a penguin in the Terra Nova
Heinz Advertisement
The Balloon
The Balloon
Discovery, Morning and Terra Nova at Discovery Winter Quarters
The Wine Caterer
Royds with Albino Penguin
Royds Barrier sledge party
Supper on the march
Apsley Cherry-Garrard
Paraselena. McMurdo Sound, 10.30am, 20 June 1911
Adelie penguin on nest
Adelie penguin on nest
Gentoo penguin with egg on nest
Adelie penguins
Adelie penguins
Adelie penguins
Adelie penguins
Mother and baby seal
Three unidentified expedition members
Ross on ski
Ross on ski

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