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British Naval Northwest Passage Expedition 1845-48

Portraits of some of the officers of HMS Erebus, photographed before their departure from London in 1845.

12 Items

portrait of sir john franklin #media dmcs-11475746
portrait of charles hamilton osmer #media dmcs-11475764
portrait of james reid #media dmcs-11475770
portrait of charles des voeux #media dmcs-11475808

Portrait of Sir John Franklin


Portrait of Charles Hamilton Osmer


Portrait of James Reid


Portrait of Charles des Voeux

portrait of lt graham gore #media dmcs-11475802
portrait of stephen stanley #media dmcs-11475798
portrait of lt james fairholme #media dmcs-11475788
portrait of henry thomas dundas le vescomte #media dmcs-11475784

Portrait of Lt Graham Gore


Portrait of Stephen Stanley


Portrait of Lt James Fairholme


Portrait of Henry Thomas Dundas le Vescomte

portrait of edward couch #media dmcs-11475780
portrait of harry ds goodsir #media dmcs-11475774
portrait of henry foster collins #media dmcs-11475752
portrait of james fitzjames #media dmcs-11475758

Portrait of Edward Couch


Portrait of Harry D.S. Goodsir


Portrait of Henry Foster Collins


Portrait of James Fitzjames

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